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Relevance of the research topic. The course taken by the Russian state to create a digital economy and an adequate response to the rapidly changing situation give companies a significant advantage over competitors. The rapid growth of trade services and the development of retail trade in Russia increases competition between trade enterprises, which leads to the search for new competitive advantages, including the possibility of using information technology, software and platform solutions for the rapid processing of huge amounts of data. The study of the impact of information technology in the retail sector makes the research topic even more relevant. The purpose of the study is to conduct the analysis of prospects of application of information technology in the framework of realization of innovative projects and to continue the development of recommendations to improve the digital capacity of investments of Russian companies on the example of the sphere of the trading business. Method of research. The methodological basis of the study consists of general scientific methods of cognition, in particular, methods of economic and logical analysis, system method, and synthesis, formulation of the approximation problem, decomposition method, and simulation. Empirical base of research. Theoretical and methodological basis of the research consists of scientific works, methodological developments of leading domestic and foreign scientists and legal framework in the field of investment. The solution of scientific problems was carried out using critical analysis, scientific generalization and systematization in the study of the essence of the category "investment", "investment activity", "digitalization". The results of the study, conclusions and recommendations were justified using an integrated approach. The scientific result is the definition of the essential characteristics of the categories of "investment", "investment activity" and the refinement of these concepts, taking into account the scale and subjects involved in the implementation of innovative projects, the identification of a new classification feature of "digital investment potential", the development of the author's simulation model of the study of digital investment potential and its evaluation on the example of trade business companies. In addition, a simulation model has been developed to assess the digital potential of investments, as well as measures to improve it for Russian retail companies through the implementation of innovative projects for the digitalization of activities. Conclusions and discussion. The study of the retail sector makes it possible to conclude that it remains one of the areas which is most susceptible to various innovations. Digitalization and informatization of retail is gaining momentum, and now it is extremely necessary for trade enterprises to solve current and strategic tasks related to new opportunities and prospects. An adequate response to the rapidly changing situation in the retail sector gives companies a significant advantage over competitors. Digital transformation today is not only the introduction of new information technologies, but also the modification of business processes, a new level of interaction with partners and consumers, the introduction of a new management system and the functioning of the business. The results obtained by the authors of the study can be useful for the scientific community, specialists of large companies and analytical centers, for which the increase of innovation and investment attractiveness of business in the conditions of digitalization of the economy is included in the range of professional interests.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoResearch of the digital potential of innovation projects of Russian companies
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