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The article is devoted to the problem of integration of ideological components in the text about housekeeping. The two most significant Soviet books on housekeeping, designed for different target audiences to create an ideologically correct picture of the world for readers make the basis for this study. The research reveals an innovative character of the books, where ideology invades a new thematic field. On the basis of the book “Books on Delicious and Healthy Food” a model of the Soviet everyday text is analyzed, which in addition to the recipe includes a number of sections that describe a new type of gastronomic culture and create an ideologically meaningful text frame. The material of S. Mogilevskaya’s “Girls, a book for you” shows a succession link to the main culinary book of the Soviet state and a typical structure model of Soviet culinary books which considered a textual frame for the transfer of additional non-culinary information. Recipes and practical recommendations act as a thematic core, organizing ideological texts around them. The prerequisites for the emergence of an ideological everyday text intended for children, particularly, the "Moral Code of the Constructor of Communism”, were analyzed. The main ideological postulates of the state document determine the target setting of the children's publication: the education of a civic position, love for work, teamwork and comradely mutual assistance, social responsibility. In the article particular attention is paid to the ways of representation of the basic postulates, as well as to the mechanisms for their explanation to the children's audience. It is shown that ideological postulates are represented mainly implicitly: they are not quoted directly, but were easily recognized and multiply repeated throughout the text. Their socially significant meaning was revealed through the certain actions of Soviet schoolchildren. Visibility becomes the way to convey important rules for the citizen of the new formation, to set the model of behavior in this or that everyday situation and to form an ideologically correct worldview among Soviet schoolchildren using a language suitable for the readers.
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