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Globalization processes have actualized the need for the development of fundamental and interdisciplinary scientific knowledge of modern society as information. The novelty of the study is due to the public need to study the role and allocation of identification resources of modern mass media in the organization of intergenerational communication in the digital environment. The aim of the work is to rely on the classical works and methodology of J. and A. Assman, M. Halbwax, to develop private methods of research of transformation of communicative and cultural memory and ways of its translation in modern conditions; and also, using the results of the study of the information environment of the Urals macroregion, conducted in 2013-2019, to prove that the focus of journalists and researchers of convergent mass media should be not only the problems of development and improvement of technologies, principles, rules and norms of communication with the audience, but also communicative and cultural memory. As it is proved, it allows representatives of various Russian societies even in the conditions of constantly growing volumes of information flows to keep the identity. The grounds of the system description of multimedia capabilities of traditional and new media as mediators of communicative and cultural memory highlighted by the authors determine a productive approach to assessing the effectiveness of the mass media of the digital age in this direction. The article systematically presents the results of discussions and a broad discussion of a new paradigm that puts the concept of relevant for a person or a society “memories” in the center of the approach to understanding the changes taking place in the sciences of society and culture. The authors conclude that the transformation of the information sphere in relation to the communicative and cultural memory as one of the foundations of this process, also bring to the fore the task of formation and development of professional culture of the subjects of information activities.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoCommunicative and Cultural Memory: Identification Resources of Modern Mass Media
Idioma originalRussian
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2019

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