Игорь Александрович Петров, Александр Фридрихович Чернавский, Араик Александрович Бадалян, Михаил Юрьевич Огнев

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Background Disturbance of a patient’s psycho-emotional state, when he or she anticipates pain during dental interventions, causes the organism’s stress reactions, disorganizes its functional systems and, therefore, leads to the development of negative functional changes. Such changes might affect dentistry patients’ life and health. Today, dentists and clinical psychologists believe it to be their duty to help patients to overcome the emotional stress, which problem particularly concerns people with such a general somatic pathology as the endocrine one. Objectives Development of a new strategy for the case management of patients with various forms of diabetes in the outpatient reception conditions. Methods The use of psychological tests; questionnaires; dynamic monitoring of psycho-physiological and medical indices of patients of dental profile with diabetes; statistical processing methods of the obtained data. Results The results show that 98.5% of all the tested patients experienced significant emotional stress prior to a dental treatment. In the control group (without endocrine pathology), 61% of the patients experienced dental fear, with this number being 92% in the group of the patients suffering from diabetes mellitus type 1, and 79% in the group suffering from diabetes type 2. 39% of all the patients questioned after dental interventions noted that the anticipation of pain or dentist manipulations was leading to subsequent emotional stress, sometimes expressed in inappropriate behavior and mistrust to the actions and recommendations of the dentist. Conclusions The results obtained have practical importance for patients suffering from diabetes. When planning dental interventions in such patients, dentists and surgeons should take into account patients’ type of diabetes affecting their mood lability. In case a patient reveals such symptoms as irritability, suspiciousness, anxiety, sadness, suppression, general weakness, adinamia, fatigue, atony, sleepiness, decreased performance capablity, emotional volatility, increased proneness to conflict, presence of chronic, rather pronounced personality changes arising from illness, this should be treated as a direct indication for consulting a clinical psychologist and carrying out a psychological preparation prior to further dental interventions.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoMedico-psychological features of case management of patients with various forms of diabetes mellitus provided with ambulatory care in the municipal autonomous institution «dental clinic № 12»
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2017


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