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The possibility of supply of private homes using hybrid thermoelectric and photovoltaic technologies. It is shown that the long duration of heating period, certain regions of our country creates favourable conditions for the use of thermoelectric technology. At the same time in a period of high solar insolation (spring-summer) and low heating loads it is advisable to use photovoltaic technology. Found that the demand for electricity can be achieved when the efficiency of thermoelectric conversion complete thermal energy fuel burn more than 2 %. The use of modern energy-efficient lighting, radio-television, computer equipment, Internet and communication tools can significantly reduce the required electrical power, and consequently simplify and reduce the cost of a hybrid power plant, as well as improve reliability of guaranteed power supply with the use of local fuels (peat, firewood, etc.). Under these conditions the required efficiency of thermoelectric conversion for minimum energy can be reduced to 0.5-1 %.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoReliable power supply using renewable energy sources
Idioma originalRussian
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RevistaСантехника. Отопление. Кондиционирование
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2018


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