Researches of thermal and gasdynamic operation of the iron cupola on the basis of calculations of zone balance model have shown that receiving liquid cast iron proceeds in the conditions of essential unevenness of distribution of temperature of a layer, structure of a gas phase and conditions of heat exchange both on layer height, and in the cross section of the unit. The technique of assessment of completeness of heat exchange in the mine of the cupola on the basis of the materials given measurements of temperature of a layer at the level of a zasypa is developed. In the course of receiving liquid cast iron in the cupola gradual transition from the peripheral mode of the movement of gases closer to central at which burning of coke happens mainly along currents of air and in the central part of a layer is observed. The minimum average temperature of a surface of a layer of filling up, the maximum district and minimum radial unevenness of thermal operation of the iron cupola are observed at a specific consumption of air in limits 80 - 120 m3 / (m2 min.), providing a possibility of obtaining specific productivity of the unit isn’t lower 8,5 t / (m2 ch) at limited than intensive transfer of warmth from gases to materials in the top step of heat exchange and average temperature of overheating of fusion not lower than 1310° C.
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