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The article explores the effect of external and internal requirements in developing of high school graduates to obtain technical education. The article shows that the leading role is played by the public need to develop industry. It needs professionals who have knowledge and skills which are necessary to operate various machinery and to create new equipment on the basis of innovative technologies. The internal requirements mean those personal talents and knowledge that promote interest to study various technical equipment, how to operate it and how to build new, improved machinery. The Government has always tried to use financial and moral influence to encourage school youth to choose a requested engineering profession. However, there was a problem of how to discover aptitudes and talents to obtain such profession as early as possible. The empirical research, made by the authors in the end of 2014, discovered discrepancies in formation of needs of high school students to obtain technical education. On the one hand, more than 80% think that they make an independent choice where to study. On the other hand, only 5% noted that they trusted themselves in choosing profession they study at the University. It was proven that the greater part ofprospective university students - about 40% - when choosing technical profession are motivated not by their technical aptitudes, but the opinion of their parents, possibility to be admitted on a state basis or low enrollment competition.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoSchool-leavers’ requirement in technical education
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