А. В. Скрыпников, В. Г. Козлов, Е. В. Кондрашова , А. Ю. Арутюнян

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The purpose of research - to get depending characterizing the influence of the physical and mechanical properties of soil and its state (humidity) on the value of the clutch driving wheels of cars with rideable surface and allow to set optimal values of average specific pressure wheel skid transport system, the diameter of the wheels and, therefore, the value of pD characterizing the impact of the system on the surface of the sled, and the minimum radius of terrain and other characteristics. The object of study - the transport process. In evaluating the patency of the machine is considered a system: the car-dirt surface. The limitations of complex cross-skid transport systems. Calculate the optimal value of the specific pressure on the surface of the sled, defines the basic parameters of complex Logging transport systems, with which you can get the greatest value of the specific free traction on every square centimeter of the support surface. Defined incremental stretching per unit distance required to avoid obstacles in the form of large stump height exceeding ground clearance of boulders. It was found that the availability of skid trails to traffic logging trucks with both load and no load with no operating speed depends largely on the availability on the sled surface: irregularities of various kinds, including the threshold, that is, with steep or close to walls, located above the surface of the sled; ruts and potholes formed during the motion-wheeled vehicles; type of soil on the surface of the portage and humidity. It was found that the metallic properties of soils that form the driving surface, determined by grain composition of soils, their moisture and density, as well as the presence or absence of the sod cover. It calculates the value of the average resistivity of the complex movement of skid transport systems with the load, taking into account the effect of the threshold of irregularities.
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (de-até)152-158
Número de páginas7
RevistaЛесной вестник. Forestry Bulletin
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2017


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