Нарек Спартакович Спартакян, Марина Геннадьевна Синякова

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The article describes the problem situation associated with the active use of the concept of “digital educational space” (DES) in the theory and practice of education in the absence of a clear definition of its psychological and pedagogical essence. The aim of the article is to identify the psychological and pedagogical features of such phenomenon as DES. These features are determined on the basis of the already existing general scientific characteristics of the educational space. The theoretical study was carried out on the materials of theoretical and empirical psychological and pedagogical studies devoted to the problems of the development of DES and its impact on the subjects of the educational process. General theoretical methods were used as research methods: analysis of theoretical and scientific-practical sources, analysis of empirical research, generalization, design. During the analysis, the psychological and pedagogical features of the modern DES were identified and substantiate, and emerging risks to the national education system. Organizational and pedagogical essence of the studied space is connected, primarily, with the absence of direct dependence on geopolitical borders or national education systems; the need for regulation to introduce distance learning in national education systems; the formation of a unified information and educational environment in an educational organization; in compliance with specific requirements for the material and technical equipment of the educational process. The didactic foundations of DES include, first of all, the need to develop a new direction in pedagogy - “digital didactics” as a didactic basis for the development of an electronic educational resource. As the psychological features of the DES can be identified such as: the emergence of other spatial, temporal, organizational and technical limitations of the interaction between teacher and the student in the educational process; functional-role transformation of the pedagogical position in the educational process and others. These psychological and pedagogical characteristics of the DES and the identified risks of digitalization of education make it possible to determine the prospects not only for scientific psychological and pedagogical research, but also the search for effective technologies for the interaction of subjects of the educational process in the new digital conditions.
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (de-até)145-156
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RevistaПедагогическое образование в России
Número de emissão1
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2022

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