Наталья Васильевна Городнова, В. В. Клевцов, Антон В. Павин

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The legal status and, as a consequence, the legal aspects of the turnover of electronic money and money transfers through "electronic wallets" is an important component of modern financial realities, currently little regulated by law in the Russian Federation. The use of electronic means of payment is a huge lacuna in domestic civil law, difficult as the turnover of electronic money in the country, which is an important element in the operations of credit and financial institutions and obtaining government the potential benefits of linking electronic money to normal money supply. The rapid development of this market segment led to the beginning of the formation in Russia of the policy of regulating the circulation of electronic money and the adoption of the Federal law. However, despite the development of the regulatory framework that legalized the use of electronic money in the Russian economy, the process of forming an effective state policy to regulate the circulation of electronic money has not yet been completed. This is due to the relevance of the chosen topic of research. The purpose of the work is to develop a methodology for analyzing the use of electronic money in modern Russian conditions. Modern business conditions, achievements of scientific and technological progress require more modern and advanced methods of studying economic entities. In this regard, the authors of the study developed a methodology for analyzing e-money of the issuer with the formalization of its tools, and also proposed an integral indicator that is advisable to calculate the e-money operator. The study concluded that it is necessary to consider e-money as a right of claim, which differs significantly from cash on a number of grounds. Due to the specifics of e-money in the system of relations of economic turnover, it is necessary to introduce special legal regulation in the Russian Federation. The scientific results of the study are to develop a methodological framework for assessing the system of regulation of electronic money in the economy of modern Russia, and they will be useful for the professional community of the credit and financial sphere, as well as professionals whose research interests include economic and legal regulation of electronic means of payment.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoDevelopment of methods of analysis of the use of electronic money
Idioma originalRussian
Páginas (de-até)205-222
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RevistaВопросы инновационной экономики
Número de emissão1
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2020



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