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Matched filtering signal is widely used in various fields of radio engineering - from telecommunications and radar to biomedical technologies. If the integration interval is known, i.e. the arrival time of the signal and its duration, then maximization of the ratio of power-to-disturbance signal at the output of the matched filter is provided. Otherwise, the filter characteristics deteriorate. Bispectrally arranged signals are invariant to time delay and under bispectral processing allow to avoid not only the above drawback but also the influence of the multipath signal. In addition, bispectrum insensitivity to disturbances with symmetrical distribution makes it possible to obtain an additional gain concerning the signal-to-disturbance power. However, nowadays there is no universal approach to the treatment of bispectrally arranged signals irrespective of the type of modulation and the type of disturbances. The purpose is to synthesize the optimal filter for bispectrally arranged signals and to work out the receiver working under conditions of multiple beam distribution of the signal with the disturbances with symmetrical distribution on the background; to demonstrate the advantages of the optimum processing of bispectrally arranged signals compared to non-coherent receiving of a harmonic signal. The optimal receiver implementing matched filtering of the signal according to the criterion of the maximization of the ratio of the absolute values of the moments of the third-order signals and disturbance is developed. On the background of disturbances with symmetrical distribution it exceeds the optimal non-coherent receiving concerning likelihood of the mistaken symbol receiving and the criteria of maximum likelihood ratio. The resulting mathematical model of the optimal receiving in accordance with the criterion of the maximum ratio of the absolute moments of the third-order signal and disturbance can be used for the development of receiving devices operating in the multiple beam environment and against various disturbances.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoMatched filtering of bispectrally arranged signals
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