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This article identifies and substantiates such specific characteristics of the institutes of social and innovative activity as flexibility, inclusiveness, and hybridism. The relationship between the roles of economic agents and their needs is analyzed. The relationship between the participant’s involvement in the project and the level of personal need, which he is satisfied with this project, is shown. The process of social innovations development is presented. It is shown that an inefficient institutional environment can lead to the closure of the project both at the stage of development of project documentation and at the stage of formation of the resource portfolio. It is justified that the flexibility of the institution is proportional to the cost of the coercion mechanism. An algorithm for designing institutes of social and innovative activity, which takes into account the needs of participants as an opportunity to expand the availability of resources, the features of institutions in this type of activity, and the specificity of the enforcement mechanism are proposed. The significance of the results is the possibility of their application in the design of the institutional environment of social and innovation activity at various levels of management
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoSpecific characteristics of institutes of social and innovative activity
Idioma originalRussian
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2018



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