Способ восстановления меди из сульфидных соединений: патент на изобретение

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FIELD: metallurgy. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to copper metallurgy and can be used for reduction of copper from its sulphide natural compounds and compounds present in process products, for example in matte and sulphide sludge. Reduction of copper from sulphide products is carried out at contact of mixture of initial raw material and metal aluminium with water solution of alkali in percolation mode. Content of alkali in aqueous solution is 20–40 g/l, consumption of alkaline solution is set at the level providing content of sodium sulphide in productive solution of 40–50 g/l. EFFECT: technical result is high rate of reduction process at moderate temperatures without formation of sulphur gases.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoMethod of reducing copper from sulphide compounds: patent of invention
Idioma originalRussian
Número de patente2710810
IPCC22B 15/00,C22B 3/12
Data de arquivo13/12/2018
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 14 jan 2020

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