Способ и устройство определения поверхностного натяжения и/или плотности металлических расплавов: патент на изобретение

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FIELD: physics.
SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to technical physics, in particular to the determination of the parameters of metallic melts by photometry of the silhouette of a sample of a melt lying on a substrate of an ellipsoidal drop, and can be used in laboratory research, at metallurgical enterprises, in universities. When the group of inventions is realized, the objective is to determine the optical and physicochemical characteristics of the smoke and the degree of its influence on the experiment, optimization of the start of smoke removal procedures and the continuation of the experiment, and finally, with the appearance of smoke, the possibility of continuing the photometry of sample parameters. Method is proposed, characterized in that it controls the appearance of smoke in the above-mentioned electric furnace, set the threshold level of the parameters of this smoke, in case of exceeding the threshold level of the smoke parameters, the experiment is stopped, the vacuum pump is turned on, reduce smoke to its parameter values less than or equal to the above threshold level, after which the pump is turned off, then compensate for the decrease in the amount of the above inert gas by its addition to the pressure value at the beginning of the experiment, after which the experiment is continued. Device is equipped with an alarm, at least one smoke detector, a communication channel, wherein the signaling device is located primarily outside the above-mentioned electric furnace, the smoke detector is located in this electric furnace outside the above-mentioned heating zone, the output of the smoke detector is connected to the input of the communication channel, the output of which is connected to the input of the signaling device. Invention provides the possibility of increasing the objectivity of evaluating the optical and physicochemical characteristics of smoke during the study of a sample, since allows you to choose the beginning of the procedure for reducing the smoke inside the electric furnace to a specified level, including zero. This allows you to preserve the quality of the sample image, reduce the requirements for personnel, provides the opportunity to extend the study and obtain results, for example, the data on the beginning of smoke and the dynamics of removing its effect on different samples.
EFFECT: increase in the reliability and accuracy of the determination of the characteristics of samples of metallic melts.
Idioma originalRussian
Número de patente2663321
IPCG01N 9/04,G01N 13/02
Data de arquivo19/06/2017
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 3 ago 2018

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