The collective monograph reflects the results of an interdisciplinary study of the transfer of human capital of educational communities on the way from failure to success conducted in 2019-2021. The key problems of the conception, as well as issues of methodology of interdisciplinary research of educational communities of schoolchildren, students of secondary vocational schools and universities are considered. The specificity of sociological, psychological, pedagogical, and economic approaches to overcoming educational failure is revealed. The conceptualization of the transfer of human capital of educational communities of young students on the way from failure to success is carried out. The problems of motivation, socialization, economic, socio-cultural factors and pedagogical conditions for overcoming the educational failure of schoolchildren and students are analyzed, the model of the transfer of their human capital is considered. The typology of educational communities is carried out, the characteristic of their behavioral strategies is given. The book is intended for sociologists, psychologists, pedagogics, economists – researchers and practitioners of education, scientific, pedagogical specialists and managers of schools, colleges, universities, students, all those interested in modern problems of education development.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoYoung students: from educational failure to educational success
Idioma originalRussian
Local da publicaçãoЕкатеринбург
EditoraГуманитарный университет (Екатеринбург)
Número de páginas328
ISBN (impresso)978-5-7741-0412-3
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2021


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