Шрифт и сочетание цветов в авторском праве

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The law of the US copyright law excludes from copyright fonts. On the other hand, in the case of the claim to, OOO “Oridis” the court upheld the claim for violation of the exclusive rights to the font. According to some researchers, the copyright extends not only to illustrate but also to the texts, the style and selection of colors. It is believed that the combination of colors is subject to copyright. Examines the concept of “font” and “color” from the position of the protectability by copyright. The conclusion about the patentability of new fonts and combination of colors of national copyright law. It is shown that the possibility of creating a new product by substituting one element of a work to another, including font or combination of colors, is the absence of copyright, the criterion of “distinctiveness”. If any of these criteria new work will be protected, if not cause confusion in the eyes of the consumer and Vice versa. The possibility of creating a new product by changing the font or color is the absence of copyright, the criterion of “distinctiveness” under the doctrine of the conservation form of the work and existence of the institution of derivative works.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoFont and Color Combination in Copyright
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