Use of New Nature Texts in the VKontakte Social Network: book chapter

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Multi-modal or multi-code texts are an important part of modern communicative culture. Frequently, specific feature of this culture could be determined through the creation and usage of such texts. As T. G. Galaktionova, we prefer calling such texts as “new nature” texts and consider their features and analyze the case of using them in the social network communication. In the con clusion we prove that in such a case the “new nature” texts are dominant due to their emotional expressiveness.
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Título da publicação do anfitrião Communication Trends in the Post-Literacy Era: Polylingualism, Multimodality and Multiculturalism As Preconditions for New Creativity
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EditoraИздательство Уральского университета
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2020


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