Исследование многоэтажных рамных каркасов с двутаврами с гофрированными стенками
: магистерская диссертация

Tese do aluno: Master's Thesis


Present work is devoted to the study of the operation of welded I-sections with a corrugated web as elements of multi-storey frame structures for various purposes. The existing practical solutions for such structures are analyzed, theoretical approaches and methods for calculating of bending and eccentrically compressed elements with a corrugated web are generalized. An example of a numerical calculation of a multi-storey frame structure consisting of girders and columns with corrugated webs is given. The joints for fastening the frame elements to each other and to adjacent structures have been developed. Within the framework of the study, it was found that the use of welded I-sections with a corrugated webs makes it possible to reduce the metal consumption of the solution as for girders and as columns of multi-storey building frames without reducing the required bearing capacity and operational reliability of the structure.
Data do prémio2020
Idioma originalRussian
Instituição de premiação
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorСергей Владимирович Кудрявцев (Supervisor)

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