Обоснование целесообразности открытия автосалона автомобилей с пробегом в Екатеринбурге
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Tese do aluno: Master's Thesis


The automotive market is one of the most highly sensitive spheres of business, which reacts sensitively to fluctuations in the external environment.
Ekaterinburg presents all the leading leading automotive brands of Russian and foreign manufacturers, which leads to a high level of competition, both at the level of automobile brands and at the level of competition between dealer centers representing one brand, but belonging to different automobile holdings.
The relevance of the research topic is conditioned by the possibility of diversifying the directions of the automobile enterprise, which allows to obtain a competitive advantage and, ultimately, to surpass similar companies on the market by opening a new specialized car showroom with mileage.
Practical significance of the study
Based on the results of a comprehensive marketing research of consumers' preferences and conducted sociological survey, the development trends of the Russian market of cars with mileage have been revealed and the necessity of opening a car dealership in Yekaterinburg has been proved.
The method of forming the price of a car dealership for cars with a mileage is proposed, taking into account the cost of the following stages of preparing the car for sale: determining the input price, pre-sale preparation, determining the liquidity of the model / brand, having an extended warranty, carrying out transactions involving the programs of importers of authorized dealers.
Structure of work
The master's thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, a conclusion and a list of sources used. The work contains 116 pages, 5 tables, 47 drawings and 1 appendix.

The first chapter of the dissertation examines the main theoretical approaches to business planning, the proposed forms of business plans adopted for use in Russian and foreign practice, as well as examples of business planning in the automotive industry.
In the second chapter, an analysis of the dynamics of the automotive market in Russia in 2014-2016, as well as an analysis of trends based on data on the sale of cars in 2017, presents the results of a marketing study of consumer preferences in the field of cars in Ekaterinburg.
In the third chapter, the key characteristics for the organization of sales of cars with mileage are determined, the business plan of a new car showroom with mileage has been calculated, the analyst of the formation of prices for cars has been carried out, a method for the formation of prices for cars with a mileage for a motor show has been proposed. The structure of the work corresponds to the stated goal of the thesis.
Data do prémio2018
Idioma originalRussian
Instituição de premiação
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorИрина Сергеевна Пелымская (Supervisor)

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