Оптимизация процесса использования медицинского оборудования на основе информационной системы
: магистерская диссертация

Tese do aluno: Master's Thesis


The relevance is due to the increase in the volume of processed information, and improving the quality of health services. Of course, the relevance is associated with the increase in the introduction of automated information systems in the field of health, this is due to the Federal law "On the basics of public health in the Russian Federation" № 323-FZ of 21.11.2011. The purpose of the master's work: to implement and adapt the automated information system "AIS MMI" in order to improve the software and information support of administrative and economic processes of medical institutions. Objectives of the master's work: to conduct a comparative analysis of information systems, to form the requirements for the implementation of the system, to assess the implementation, to calculate the economic efficiency. The object of the study is the information system "AIS MMI". The subject of the research is information and software support of the main processes of administrative and economic activity of medical institutions. Practical significance of the research: the requirements for the information system of the administrative and economic part were developed in the thesis. The analysis of normative documentation is made, as a result of research the table of comparisons of information systems has been formed.
Data do prémio2019
Idioma originalRussian
Instituição de premiação
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorИгорь Николаевич Сачков (Supervisor)

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