Разработка финансовой стратегии банка в сфере кредитования на примере ПАО КБ «УБРиР»
: магистерская диссертация

Tese do aluno: Master's Thesis


The relevance of the chosen topic due to the fact that currently remains a fairly high level of banking risks, including credit. The main method of mitigating credit risk in long-term period of time is the development of flexible and adequate credit strategy of commercial Bank
Thus, the aim of this work is to develop optimal models of financial strategy of PJSC CB "UBRD" in lending.
To achieve this goal the following tasks:
To reveal theoretical principles of the design concept and CFOs of the Bank's strategy;
To perform feasible financial strategy and financial performance indicators of PJSC CB "UBRD" for the period 2013-2017;
Sformulirovat problems and imperfections of the CFOs strategy in lending PJSC CB "UBRD";
To develop target setting credit strategy for PJSC CB "UBRD" for the next three years.
The subject of the thesis is internal and external factors influencing the development strategy of CFOs in lending
The object of study - PJSC CB "UBRD"
Methods of investigation are regression and comparative analyses, method of reading bukhgalterskoe reporting, as well as the method of constructing tables.
The extent of the problem Various theoretical and methodological aspects of problems of formation of credit policy was reflected in the works of foreign and domestic scientists.
Information database includes legal documents, monographs of Russian and foreign authors on the subject, periodicals and Internet sources, as well as accounting and financial reporting of PJSC CB "UBRD" for 2010-2017. Scientific novelty of research consists in the following: the author States his point of view regarding the term "financial strategy"; the author defines perspective directions in strategy of crediting in the conditions of macroeconomic instability; developed methodical approaches to the definition of strategic goals in lending. Theoretical and practical significance consists in the fact that the obtained during research results allowed to formulate a number of conclusions and recommendations that can serve as a specific contribution to the construction of the strategic guidelines and generally improve the efficiency of the lending process.
Data do prémio2017
Idioma originalRussian
Instituição de premiação
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorАлексей Юрьевич Домников (Supervisor)

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