Сравнительный анализ концепций российских и европейских международных выставок: специфика организации межкультурной коммуникации
: магистерская диссертация

Tese do aluno: Master's Thesis


The international exhibition is an effective communication tool for global corporations, enterprises and communities. However, successful act of communication is only possible on condition that participants and exhibition planners take into consideration cultural features of their international audience while developing exhibition concept. This work attempts to analyze specificity of organizing cross-cultural communication at international exhibitions. In this work, we examined specific features of international exhibitions as a communication tool. We defined a five-step-model to analyze exhibition concepts and compared international exhibitions from Russia and Europe in the spheres of sport, education and art. Basing on the collected data, we gave some advice on how to develop a concept of participation in the international education exhibition in “Study World 2019” in London.
Data do prémio2019
Idioma originalRussian
Instituição de premiação
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorГалина Анатольевна Савчук (Supervisor)

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