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Tese do aluno: Master's Thesis


The sociological analysis of a marriage choice strategy of youth is provided in the master thesis. The main theoretic-methodological approaches of a marriage choice studying are analyzed in work, also there is an attempt to typologize all the presented concepts into three bases which include social and psychological theories, economic theories and sociological ones. Besides, the thesis includes the main typologies of a marriage choice strategies and analyzes their peculiarities, also attention is paid to the transformations happening in the sphere of the family and marriage relations.
The thesis gives the results of empirical social research where marriage choice strategies of youth in the city of Yekaterinburg are considered on the example of student's youth of the Ural Federal university, and also on the example of the working young people. By the results of the research rational and emotional strategy of a marriage choice are allocated. The work shows the discrepancy of their formation: on the one hand, the ideas of marriage stability, search of the potential marriage partner testify to rational strategy of a marriage choice; on the other hand, feelings to the partner, his personal qualities show an emotional trajectory of search.
Data do prémio2015
Idioma originalRussian
SupervisorНаталья Леонидовна Антонова (Supervisor)

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