Тематическая организация мусульманской проповеди на русском языке
: магистерская диссертация

Tese do aluno: Master's Thesis


Dissertational work is determined by the formulated objectives and the general logic of the study: from the description of the religious style to the analysis of textual types on the basis of the categorical-textual concept and the identification of specific features of explication of the topic category in Muslim preaching. The first chapter of the main part of the thesis is of a general theoretical nature, the second is devoted to the analysis of explication of the topic category in the texts of the Muslim sermon.
Data do prémio2017
Idioma originalRussian
Instituição de premiação
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorТатьяна Викторовна Ицкович (Supervisor)

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