Управление информационными рисками на промышленных предприятиях
: магистерская диссертация

Tese do aluno: Master's Thesis


The master's work consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusion, a list of literature and 45 sources. The main content is set out on 106 pages, the work includes 12 tables, 12 drawings and 2 applications.
The main content of the work. In the first chapter "The essence of information risks", the main concepts associated with risk management, information technology, risk assessment are defined. The classification of information risks by different criteria is described, generally accepted accepted methods of analysis and risk management are considered.
In the second chapter, "The Role of Information Risks in the Activity of Industrial Enterprises," an analysis of trends in the development of information technology in industrial enterprises was conducted, an analysis was made of the use of risk management systems in industrial enterprises. Also in this chapter, an analysis of the effects of information risks on the activities of industrial enterprises on the example of OOO VIZ-Stal.
In the third chapter, the concept of an information risk management system (ISIR) is defined and it is proposed to use it in the activity as the main element in minimizing the impact of information risks. A key element for this system was the developed classification of information risks.
Data do prémio2017
Idioma originalRussian
Instituição de premiação
  • Ural Federal University
SupervisorНаталья Рэмовна Кельчевская (Supervisor)

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