8,000-year-old carvings by ancient humans discovered in South Africa

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Период14 июн 2019

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  • Заголовок8,000-year-old carvings by ancient humans discovered in South Africa
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    Страна/TерриторияСоединенные Штаты Америки
    Дата публикации14/06/2019
    ОписаниеTwo billion years ago an enormous asteroid slammed into what is now South Africa. It left behind the largest and second oldest confirmed impact crater, the 300 kilometer-wide (190-mile) Vredefort Crater. The distinctive crater shape has eroded away over the course of almost half the Earth's lifetime, but its legacy remains important. Geologists studying the crater have found stone carvings showing it was a place of considerable spiritual significance to ancient peoples, as well as making possible the world's richest gold mines.
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