Fireballs: mail from space

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Период20 дек 2019

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Материалы СМИ

  • ЗаголовокFireballs: mail from space
    Степень признанияМеждународная
    Имя средства информации/СМИSpaceDaily / Space Media Network
    Тип подачи информацииВеб
    Дата публикации20/12/2019
    ОписаниеWhen should we send expeditions to look for meteorites that have impacted Earth? There is not enough time for more close study of all fireballs observed in the sky. The observation of a bright phenomenon reveals that a meteoroid has entered the atmosphere from space, but does any part of it end up on Earth? Only those with the survived terminal mass will reach the earth, but unfortunately many of them remain undiscovered.
    ПерсоныМария Игоревна Грицевич