Молодежь индустриальных регионов России- образ социального будущего как фактор развития инновационного потенциала

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Relevance of the study determined by the contradiction between the immediate need to form, develop and implement the innovative potential of youth and existing threats and risks for its development.
Scientific novelty of study contained in the formulation of new scientific idea: 1) opportunities and prospects for development of innovative potential of social subject as well as community, or social group are determined by the future image, shaped in the mind of the subject, and influenced by several institutional conditions and behavioral practices (both on the macro- and micro-levels of social system); 2) the social future image has complex, multicomponent structure and could be identified using the system of measurable parameters; 3) the extent of mismatch between the real and the ideal image of the social future specifies the character of behavioral strategies whether they would be innovative or adaptive.
The scientific significance of the project consists of the development of theoretical and methodological conception for the image of the social future based on the resource, social technological and integrative approaches. This conception will allow developing a sociological theory for living and social plans and expectations and expanding the conceptual apparatus of sociology of youth.
Another result of the project is the design of the management tool for youth innovative potential development in industrial regions of Russia. Designing this tool will contribute to the sociology of management and will allow to solve several practical tasks. For the first time the future image considered as a mechanism to manage innovative activity of the social subject.
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