Разработка математической модели протестной мобилизации современного российского студенчества с помощью виртуальных социальных сетей

Проект: Проект-ГрантФундаментальные исследования


The primary objective of the study is a reconstruction of complicated mathematical model, describing the essence of using of virtual social networks for protest mobilization of students in contemporary Russia. The implementation of the research includes consistent decision of 3 closely interrelated tasks. Firstly, it includes working on systematization and synthesis of disparate developments of modern social sciences to descript virtual social networks and protest mobilization as a specific phenomenon. Secondly, it includes working on the reconstruction of the most important laws of functioning of virtual social networks as a tool of protest mobilization of people in modern society. And finally, it includes working on empirical verification of revealed laws on materials of historically specific context of political protests of students, which occurred in Russian cities from 2012 till 2017.
The importance of the research is connected with a number of scientific and practical issues. First of all, contemporary social science still does not have any kind of generally accepted principles of interpretation and understanding of specific role that virtual social networks play in appearing of protest political activities of people in today's world. Besides, there is a problem of multiple individual empirical studies in the relevant field of social science: there are many scientific projects in this area, but most of them remain purely descriptive and have a lack of systematic generalization. Practical importance of the research is connected with a fundamental uncertainty about the approach of the state to the management of social media in contemporary Russia. During the research authors are going to move on the salvation of each of the identified problems.
The implementation of the research will help to achieve some basic results. Firstly, authors are going to specify a semantic content of the term "virtual social network", relevant for Secondly, authors are going to reveal basic laws of functioning of the of virtual social networks as a tool of protest mobilization of individuals. And thirdly, authors are going to identify patterns of functioning of virtual social networks in cases of political protests in the contemporary Russian society. A specific tactical result of the research will be connected with obtaining new information about possible manipulative using of virtual social networks for artificial injection of protest moods in society in order to destabilize the sociopolitical situation.
The results of the research will be presented at the international and national conferences and a number of papers will be published in peer reviewed journals.

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Mathematical modelling, protest, political protest, protest mobilization, Internet, virtual social networks, social media, students
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