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The leading international organization (United Nations Organization, WHO) associate the concept of "health" with the length of life. In the sphere of physical culture maximum oxygen consumption is almost linearly correlated with this criterion. Optimal aerobic loads can result in maximum 7 years of life more. But the number of the ones going in for sport has a trend to decrease due to the fact that long aerobic classes decrease intellectual effectiveness and career perspective associated with it. Development of physical culture in different countries of the world is estimated by many parameters. Herewith all the allocated parameters do not have a certain purpose. Thus, the growth of life time can be considered the purpose of classes of physical culture for population. At aerobic occupations not less than three times a week all life long it is possible to expect growth in the age of 7. Therefore the task of elite sport is presented as an emotional motive for this task. However life time can be increased not only by means of physical culture, but also using the level of medical services, personal weight monitoring etc. All the above considered the government should use all supportive measures but not allocate one of them. Further researches are devoted to search for regimes of the greatest increase of maximum oxygen consumption. Herewith the main paradox in the sphere of physical culture was proved to consist in the fact that regardless multiple grounds in its favor, the number of the ones who train does not increase.
Переведенное названиеPhysical culture: choice of priorities
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ЖурналТеория и практика физической культуры
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