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The electron accelerator URT-1M with the accelerating voltage up to 1 MV, the average electron beam power up to 1 kW, the pulse width about 100 ns were created to correct drawbacks that were found the URT-1 electron accelerator operation. New design of the accelerator allows placing the accelerator in placement with the height up to 2,5 m, the Murata capacitors are used in high voltage circuit and the TPI1-10k/75 thyratron with cold cathode was used to switch the energy storage. The system of the automated monitoring of the accelerator parameters was created to lighten the work of the staff. For reception the big width electron beam (up to 400 mm) the metal-nanoceramic cathode was created. There were several metal-nanoceramic plates in the cathode to make not more than ~ 15 % non-uniformity distribution of beam current density on the outlet foil. The accelerator can be used for the radiation technologies in layers by thickness up to 0,3 g/cm 2.
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