Food security of Russia - modern challenges and possible solutions

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The article is devoted to the study of normative and legal support problems of modern state food policy affecting the food security provision as one of the main components of the economic and national security of modern Russia. Evolution of the legal “food security” concept definition of the Russian Federation in domestic legislation. The current challenges of food security of the country related to both external and internal factors, including those caused by the COVID pandemic — 19 were considered. Supporting the approach of S.Yu. Glazyev on basic models of ensuring food security, considering the economy’s modern digital transformation and in particular the agro-industrial complex, authors suggest that we are in a transition period from an existing dynamic model to a new future innovation model for food security. Based on the studied and generalized scientific material, substantiate the conclusion that the most promising directions of food security is the use of innovative digital technologies in the agro-industrial complex of the country. It is noted that the existing normative and legal framework in modern conditions requires further development, and for this it is necessary to adopt a comprehensive Federal Law “On food security in the Russian Federation.” In it, the consolidation of the strategic goal “social and economic development of the country to improve the quality of Russian citizens’ life” by applying innovative technologies in the AIC would be set.
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