Social Responsibility - Range of Perspectives Per Topics and Countries: монография

M. Mulej, R. G. Dyck, S. Gorenak , B. Mulec, S. S. Zizek , G. Chroust, G. Ossimitz, M. Roth , N. Sturm , P. Ziehesberger, T. Ivanusa, I. Podbregar, B. Rosi , T. A. Medvedeva, V. Potocan , Z. Zenko, A. Hrast , T. Strukelj , J. G. Vargas-Hernandez , Zh. S. Belyaeva A. G. Canen

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Current global economic crises call for social responsibility to replace neo-liberalistic, one-sided and short-term criteria causing monopolies of global enterprises. Humanity's existence is endangered under the threat of global capitalism, unless the positive concept ‘everyone's social responsibility impacts everyone in society' becomes the basis of the new socio-economic order. This concept must be realized together with related concepts of ‘interdependence' and ‘holism,' embodying the principles of accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, and respect for stakeholders—to support the rule of law, international norms, and human rights.

Social Responsibility - Range of Perspectives Per Topics and Countries brings forth discussions from researchers from different countries. The contents of this volume include discussions related to community involvement, disaster response and disease epidemics, among other topics. The volume also includes studies on social responsibility standards in a Mexican city as well as a discussion of social responsibility in BRICS countries.
Язык оригиналаАнглийский
Место публикацииSharjah
ИздательBentham Publishers: U.A.E
Число страниц247
СостояниеОпубликовано - 2015


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