M. E. Balezin, S. Yu. Sokovnin, A. A. Andreev, F. V. Averin

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Important element of the URT-0.5M accelerator (0.5 MeV, 50 ns, 1 kW) is the pulse transformer, but the core used in it is from permalloy 50NP 20 μm thick. This core is expensive, not easily accessible and has rather non-uniform geometrical and magnetic characteristics from batch to batch. Therefore the core of the transformer was replaced with 2 magnetic conductors 1B-M (saturation induction at least 1.56 T) TU 14-123-233-2012 the K375´305´25 size from the fast-tempered ribbon from magnetically soft amorphous alloy AMET-1SR developed and released by Ashinskiy iron and steel plant. The geometrical sizes of the old and new core are identical. This material in case of rise speed of induction 5 T/μs and induction range 2.5 T has magnetic field strength within 900-1100 A/m. Each ring of the core 25 mm high is constructive consists of parts 5 mm high without insulation which are spliced and insulated from each other by spacers from film glass-cloth Izofleks-191. It is set that after changeover parameters of the accelerator did not change and it steadily works with keyboard speeds of pulses to 200 Hz. At the same time the cost of a magnetic conductor 1B-M is approximately ten times lower than cost of permalloy core.
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