Thrombosis: Anticoagulant Rivaroxaban soon also available for children

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时期5 十一月 2019




  • 标题Thrombosis: Anticoagulant Rivaroxaban soon also available for children
    媒体名称 / 渠道Medical Xpress
    国家Russian Federation
    描述Medicines can have different effects in children than in adults, which is not just a question of the right dose. Yet, still only few pharmaceuticals have been specifically tested and approved for this patient group. For treatment of thrombosis, children currently receive Heparin and Vitamin K antagonists which are problematic and not approved for children. A recent international study investigate the anticoagulant Rivaroxaban approved for adults in children with acute venous thromboembolism. Comparing the efficacy and safety of Rivaroxaban to standard treatment children showed positive results. The study was headed by the pediatrician Christoph Male from the Department of Paediatrics at the MedUni Vienna. The study was published in the journal Lancet Haematology.
    制作人 / 作者Medical University of Vienna
    人员Ольга Александровна Львова