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Graduate School of Economics and Management of Ural Federal University is a recognised research and education centre adhering to international academic standards. Special features and development drivers of the School include highly professional team, strong research potential, open international environment and close partnership with corporations headquartered in the Urals. 

Today GSEM UrFU is one of the largest institutes of Ural Federal University. We provide fundamental education in economics, management, business informatics, public administration, PR and advertising, coupled with practical skills for ensuring sustainable development, innovation growth and increasing global competitiveness of the regions. GSEM UrFU possesses high research potential. For the past year, more than 200 papers have been published in the journals indexed in international databases Scopus and Web of Science. Our School is an expert and research centre of international level in the field of regional policies and development strategies. We work in cooperation with leading Russian and international experts, implement projects in consortium with the most reputable academic institutions and research centres in the country.

The current organisational structure of GSEM includes four schools:

  • School of Economics and Management (former GSEM)
  • School of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship (former IPAE)
  • School of Executive Education
  • School of Management and Interdisciplinary Research 

Research Expertise

For a long period of time, GSEM has been providing research and expertise for decision-making in the field of economic, social, scientific and technological development. Many years of experience in applied research allowed for development of our own powerful methodological basis. Among the clients, there are public authorities, regional development institutions, big industrial companies, organisations of the financial sector, international audit companies, support funds, etc. Geographical reach of our analytical work covers Southern, North-Western and Central Federal District, the Urals and Western Siberia. Our objective is to transform scientific knowledge and research experience into real management tools serving the interest of a customer.

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    Assessment of the Factors’ Impact on Innovation Activity in Digital Age

    Toropova, I., Mingaleva, A. & Knyazev, P., 1 一月 2021, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems. Springer Verlag, 页码 212-220 9 页码 (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems; 卷 136).

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