International Demographic Unit

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    пр. Ленина, 51, Уральский федеральный университет, департамент "Исторический факультет", ауд. 482

    620083 Екатеринбург

    Russian Federation


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The aim of the project is to create a high performance research system based on close cooperation with world centers on demography (Norway, Sweden, USA, Germany), the development of research in the field of demography at the global level in order to achieve the necessary indicators in the development program to improve the competitiveness of UrFU in the field of "Information technology and people in the information society".

The project aims to create a new level of international research collaboration that will improve the academic reputation of the University. The project will create new workshops on demography, oriented to comparative research with the world's leading centers in the field of population studies, and strengthen collaboration with relevant institutions of RAS.

The importance of the project lies in the formation of research and methodological development in demographic studies that will be the basis for international research projects. The prospect of this approach for the University is to promote international cooperation, enhancing recognition and UrFU academic prestige through publications and citations of scientific papers written by the University employees.


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