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The Institute of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1920. The staff of the Institute includes more than 100 academics and scientific researchers.

Today the Institute is actively working in the fields of organic, physical, medical chemistry; electrochemistry; immunochemistry; chemical technology of organic and inorganic substances; fuel and high-energy materials; electrochemical industry; single crystals, processes; machines and devices of chemical productions. The institute has excellent facilities to perform research in a professional manner; the staff members are publishing the results of their scientific research in top world journals, and are actively working on government contracts, grants and other projects of the various levels.

The secret of the Institute’s success is in its scientific schools implementing breakthrough research, its open attitude towards the external environment and the extensive
support it provides to young talented researchers to help them in implementing their ideas.

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    Effects of acute and chronic arecoline in adult zebrafish: Anxiolytic-like activity, elevated brain monoamines and the potential role of microglia

    Serikuly, N., Alpyshov, E. T., Wang, D. M., Wang, J. T., Yang, L. E., Hu, G. J., Yan, D. N., Demin, K. A., Kolesnikova, T. O., Galstyan, D., Amstislavskaya, T. G., Babashev, A. M., Mor, M. S., Efimova, E. V., Gainetdinov, R. R., Strekalova, T., de Abreu, M. S., Song, C. & Kalueff, A. V., 10 一月 2021, 在 : Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry. 104, 109977.

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  • Hierarchically skeletal multi-layered Pt-Ni nanocrystals for highly efficient oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation reactions

    Li, S., Tian, Z. Q., Liu, Y., Jang, Z., Hasan, S. W., Chen, X., Tsiakaras, P. & Shen, P. K., 四月 2021, 在 : Chinese Journal of Catalysis. 42, 4, 页码 648-657 10 页码

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