Vykhodets, E. V.

Candidate of Sciences

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Conference contribution


  • 2012

    Isotopic exchange of gaseous oxygen with mechanoactivated manganese oxides

    Fishman, A. Y., Kurennykh, T. E., Vykhodets, E. V. & Vykhodets, V. B., 2012, Diffusion in Solids and Liquids VII: Solids and Liquids, Mass Transfer - Heat Transfer - Microstructure and Properties - Nanodiffusion and Nanostructured Materials. Ochsner, A., Murch, GE., Shokuhfar, A. & Delgado, JMPQ. (编辑). Trans Tech Publications Ltd., 卷 326-328. 页码 713-718 6 页码 (Defect and Diffusion Forum; 卷 326-328).

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