Mironov, Maksim Anatol`evich

Doctor of Science

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Research interests

Englishlanguageproficiency: В2

Supervisor’s research interests :

Multicomponent reactions in microheterogeneous systems: liposomes, microgels and colloidal crystals.

The main publications of the Supervisor are related to the search for new multicomponent reactions. He discovered several new isocyanide based multicomponent reactions that can be used for the synthesis of indole, pyrrole, and propionamide derivatives.

In the past few years, the Supervisor's scientific activity has been associated with drug delivery systems (composite liposomes and microgels) and new materials based on colloidal crystals. Multicomponent reactions are used there as the main method for synthesizing these objects.

International collaboration include Institute of Plant Biochemistry (Halle, Germany), University of Groningen (The Netherlands), University of Genova (Italy).

Supervisor’s specific requirements to prospective PhD students:

  • Good skills in organic synthesis
  • Introduction to analytical methods (NMR, IR, DLS)
  • Experience in material science, especially sub-micron particles.


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