Maslova, Natal`ya Vladimirovna

Doctor of Science

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  • 根据储存在 Pure 的刊物以及来自 Scopus 的引用文献数量计算


如果您在 Pure 中进行了任何更改,将很快在这里可见。


Research interests

English language proficiency: В2

Supervisor’s research interests:

Description of a structure of a finite group with respect to some it's arithmetic properties (such as properties of its Gruenberg-Kegel graph, arithmetical properties of its maximal subgroups, and so on) and investigations of some graphs connected to finite groups (for example, Gruenberg-Kegel graphs).

Many branches of Mathematics and Natural Sciences use the language of Group Theory as a working language. One of the fundamental problems in modern Group Theory is the study of the arithmetical properties of finite groups and obtaining arithmetic characteristics of finite groups.

Similar or adjacent studies are underway in Australia (for example, the University of Western Australia), China (for example, Chongqing University, University of Science and Technology of China, Yangzhou University), Iran (for example, Amirkabir University of Technology), Russia (for example, Novosibirsk State University), UK (for example, University of Birmingham, the University of St Andrews), USA (for example, Kent State University, Texas State University), and so on. We are working in a close connection with our foreign colleagues (and surely with our domestic colleagues). 

Supervisor’s specific requirements to prospective PhD students:

  • Basic course in Algebra (including Linear Algebra);
  • Basic course in Group Theory (especially basic knowledge in  finite groups);
  • Basic course in Finite Field Theory;
  • Basic course in Discrete Mathematics (including basic Graph Theory).


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如果您在 Pure 中进行了任何更改,将很快在这里可见。