Sidorova, O. G.

Professor, Doctor of Science

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Research interests

English language proficiency: С1

Supervisor’s research interests:

  • Comparative linguistic and culture-oriented linguistic studies;
  • Translation Studies and Culture-oriented Linguistic Research;
  • History of Russian Translation;
  • English Teaching in the XVIII-th century Russia;
  • Russian-British and British-Russian cultural links;
  • Russian Literature in English translations;
  • Contemporary British Novel;
  • Imageology.

Collaboration with foreign colleagues and colleagues from different Russian universities (Institute of World Literature, Slovak Academy of Sciences; participation in projects and events of Oxford-Russian Foundation).

Supervisor’s specific requirements to prospective PhD students:

  • Fluent English (all skills):
  • Adequate knowledge of methods of comparative linguistic analysis, of cultures under investigation;
  • Communication skills.


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