Construction of adiabatic potential energy surface in impurity semiconductors with T x t2 Jahn-Teller problem

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The project is aimed at experimental and theoretical investigation of wide band gap semiconducting crystals which contain impurities of low concentration with three fold orbital electronic states and global minima of the adiabatic potential energy surface having triganal symmetry. Experimental capabilities of physical acoustics is proposed to be used as research method, namely, recently developed technique for determination of relaxation time of local distortions 0f the impurity subsystem based on the data of temperature dependences of ultrasonic attenuation and velocity. Theoretical description of these dependences for all the normal modes will make it possible to determine the extreme points of the adiabatic potential energy surface, to define the mechanisms of relaxation and quantitatively describe the low energy states of the impurity centers those form fine structure of the emission spectrum. This information is necessary for construction and improvement of quantum electronics and computer deviсes.

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  • 29.19.11

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  • RFFI