Development of new plant protection products against phytopathogens based on substances with dual functionality

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Significant economic and exogenous damage, both to agricultural communities and whole countries, can be caused by various plant diseases. The chemical method of plant protection can reduce the infectious action of phytopathogens. Plant growth regulators as crop protection agents and in addition to the attention of scientists, since in addition to the growth regulating properties, they have a positive effect to plant response towards various abiotic and biotic stresses. Agrochemicals, initiating disease resistance based on the realization of the "immune" potential of plants are also promising for the protection of plants from phytopathogens.
A new approach to the development of crop protection agents consist in a targeted search for compounds that combine toxophore fragments responsible for the activity towards phytopathogens in the molecule with fragments that trigger growth regulating processes and mechanisms of systemic resistance to a disease, in plant cells during receptor binding.
This project is devoted to the development of new highly effective crop protection agents using modern scientific approaches in the methodology of searching for biologically active substances, such as methods of virtual drug testing, computational chemistry (in silico drug detection). The main goal will be the creation of drugs with dual functionality, which have a dual synergistic effect. A double effect will consist in the control of phytopathogens due to the fungicidal, antibacterial or antiviral effect of the drug, as well as in the acceleration of the growth and development of cultivated plants due to the presence of microelements, phytohormonal or "immunizing" properties.


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