«Гибридная» война: Моделирование информационных полей: монография

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A phenomenon of the “hybrid” war is examined in the context of inter-civilizational, inter-state confrontations that unfold in conditions dictated by the results of the scientific and technological revolution, industrial, post-industrial, informational, post-informational, spiritual and post-spiritual societies. The authors note that modern wars occur in the situation of a non-linear development system with predictable phases of “bifurcation points” and unpredictable trajectories of the further movement, but in the conditions of the deliberate, artificially provoked chaos in order to model new realities within the stochastic one. At these stages of development and a high level of technological progress it is possible not only to observe and predict the possibility of these processes, but also to design them according to predetermined guidelines and, accordingly, the goals of certain influence groups. Particularly with regard to these tasks military operations, convergent in nature, unique in form and, as a consequence, exceptionally complex in the implementation of counter-influence, are being formed nowadays, behind which the notion of «hybrid» wars is increasingly consolidated.
投稿的翻译标题“Hybrid” War: A Modelling of the Information Fields: monograph
出版商Издательство Уральского университета
Published - 2018


  • 11.25.00


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