Деформация сдвигом методом кручения, осадки и прессования

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Integrated process of metal deformation by Torsion, Upsetting and Press Forming serves to produce submicrocrystalline structure of large weight metal stocks. The performed work demonstrated efficiency of shear deformation with twist torsion. The most efficient is the use of indirect twist torsion allowing preparation of the stock metal structure for subsequent conventional conversion with the minimum time and economic costs. As compared to the known methods of nonmonotonic deformation, such as high pressure torsion, equal channel angular extrusion and twist extrusion, twist torsion allows solid stock processing. The new trend in the deformation domain will be particularly vital for extra strong metal production for aircraft engineering, space technologies, automotive industry, shipbuilding, bridge engineering and other industries. The developed process allowed comparing of the conventional upsetting and extrusion with shear deformation and determining its efficiency.
投稿的翻译标题Shear deformation by torsion, upsetting and press forming method
期刊Кузнечно-штамповочное производство. Обработка материалов давлением
Published - 2017


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