Доверие как фундаментальная проблема российского высшего образования: монография

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The scientific monograph reflects the results of a theoretical and empirical sociological study of trust as a fundamental problem of higher education conducted in 2018–2020. The monograph describes trust as a problem of sociology in General and sociology of higher education in particular. The specificity of sociological approaches to the study of trust in higher education is revealed. An interpretation of its concept, structure, and functions is proposed. The conceptualization of trust in Russian higher education is revealed, the authors offer an interpretation of its key problems. The influence of trust on the activities of students, teachers, their attitude to the authorities, to the institutional norms of higher education is considered. It shows the opinion of students’ parents about their trust in it. Trust in Russian universities is interpreted as the basis of a new management model in them. The relations of universities, stakeholders and authorities are considered through the prism of the search for mutual trust. The influence of University bureaucracy on trust in higher education is shown. The question is raised about the formation of a culture of trust in higher education. The final Chapter compares the experience of trust in foreign and Russian universities. For sociologists, researchers and practitioners of higher education, scientific, pedagogical and managerial employees of higher education institutions, students, and anyone interested in modern problems of higher school development.
投稿的翻译标题Trust as a fundamental problem of Russian higher education
出版商Гуманитарный университет (Екатеринбург)
Published - 2020


  • 04.51.00


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