Жизненная карьера личности: понятийные основания исследования феномена

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"The key goal is to demonstrate the methodological status of a personality’s life career as the integral dynamic configuration for the investigation of the social regulation of meaningful grounds. Mass culture goes hand in hand today with the claims (legal and legitimate expectations and responses) to individuality. Meanwhile the global things don’t provoke seductions of reflexive deepening, while the individuality does not hesitate about the insignificance of the occasion for self-presentation. The personality theme synchronizes equally with the ravaging influx of masks instead of statuses and roles and the ‘refreshing ’ look (which is called to modernize the personality perspectives) at the local originalities and the simple fragments of ‘stylishness ’ or hints for style distinctions. Classic and modern categories of personality’s understanding do not abolish the cognitive autonomy of social technological development. There could be no more or less personality according to logic and history; but personality could be more or less distinctive at the social or anthropological levels. This brings a new quality of mutual relations between theoretical and applied, unique and typical. Personality ’s life career gives setting for re-thinking of socialization through alternative to pragmatism. Culture as non-natural and non-material phenomenon by the definition should lead to absolute material and natural transformations. Personality is a border of cultural meaningfulness, namely this border moves with the unique life paths of every personality; personality ’s life career consists in the dynamic signification of the border by forming its non-rigidness. Life should not stay for paying of the irrational metaphors no matter how poetic they could be. The personality ’s life career is the assembling point of life attitudes being an alternative to pragmatism ‘as it is’."
投稿的翻译标题Life career of personality: conceptual substantiations of the phenomenon’s research
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Published - 2017

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