Исследование восстановительной способности расплавов Ca-CaCl2, Na-NаCl: магистерская диссертация

科研成果: Master's Thesis


The aim is to develop intensive methods for producing powdered iron or titanium, by mixing melts containing chlorides with molten salt reducing Ca-CaCl2 and Na-NaCl. As a result of this work was the possibility of obtaining metallic iron powder and products containing nedovosstanovleniya titanium compound. Conducted microscopic, X-ray, mikrorentgenoskopicheskie and particle size analysis of powders obtained. To discover the causes of titanium nedovosstanovleniya that need to be addressed in the future. The developed method can improve the performance as compared with the Kroll method because the reduction process within the melt, and not only at the interface between the salt and metal phases.
投稿的翻译标题Research of reduction ability melts Ca - CaCl2 and Na – NaCl: Master's thesis
  • Лебедев, Владимир Александрович, Supervisor
Published - 2016

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