Композиционная заготовка для кузнечной осадки: патент на изобретение

科研成果: Patent


FIELD: metal forming. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metal forming. Composite workpiece for forging draft is made in form of cylinder and enveloping it circular shell. Wall of shell has shape in form of isosceles triangle, base of which adjoins side surface of cylinder. In the vertex of the isosceles triangle, which is located in the middle of the height of the cylinder, the shell has maximum wall thickness. Height of the isosceles triangle is selected taking into account the diameter and height of the cylinder from the condition of obtaining, after the forging draft, the boundary between the annular shell and the deposited cylinder having the rectilinear generatrix. EFFECT: simplified separation of the workpiece from the shell.
投稿的翻译标题Composite workpiece for forging residue: patent of invention
IPCB21J 1/04
Published - 15 十二月 2020


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